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Some frequently asked questions

TronLite Technology is an AI research Agency and a cloud hosting provider. at TronLite technology we believe Artificial Intelligence revolution can make us more productive;
TWS is the cloud hosting services provided by TronLite Technology. This services was formal called Karol Hosting. here we provide Domain names, shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting at affordable price
We build various AI powered Tools basing on customer need, we also provide API access to our own model, e also Build, and Train various AI model basing on customer need and industry standard.
TronLite Technology agency is founded by Juma karoli, who is the CEO and Founder of TronLite and all it services, A Tanzanian computer engineer and AI specialist, with more than 10 years of coding.
Yes, we provide various website design services. we design various Type of Website for small and large business.