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Computational Thinking & Scratch – Intro to Computer Science – Harvard's CS50 (2018)

Table of Contents

Learn the the basics of computational thinking and learn about the Scratch graphical programming language.

Learn the foundations of computer science in this course. This video is lecture 0 of Harvard University’s CS50 2018 course.

🔗Problem Set:
🔗Source Code:

⌨️ (00:50) Introduction
⌨️ (03:13) Binary
⌨️ (09:37) Binary Lamps
⌨️ (11:20) ASCII
⌨️ (18:48) RGB
⌨️ (24:00) Finding Mike Smith
⌨️ (24:06) Computational Complexity
⌨️ (29:44) Pseudocode
⌨️ (32:36) Introducing Scratch
⌨️ (33:41) meow
⌨️ (34:04) Oscartime
⌨️ (45:16) counting sheep
⌨️ (49:18) pet the cat
⌨️ (57:07) threads
⌨️ (59:11) events
⌨️ (1:01:23) functions
⌨️ (1:06:45) Ivy’s Hardest Game

Lecture taught by David J. Malan. Thanks to Harvard’s CS50 for giving us permission to post this lecture. Checkout their YouTube channel for more great lectures:

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