How You Can Implement and Encourage Collaboration at Your Company

biz How You Can Implement and Encourage Collaboration at Your Company
biz How You Can Implement and Encourage Collaboration at Your Company
How You Can Implement and Encourage Collaboration at Your Company 3

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How You Can Implement and Encourage Collaboration at Your Company

No matter how talented your employees may be, no one person can do everything on their own. That is why you need to have a staff that can collaborate and come up with great solutions as a team. If your workers don’t yet have those skills, then now is the time to teach them. That’s why TronLite Technology offers the following tips to help encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Make It Easy to Communicate

In order to educate your team on how to collaborate with one another, you first have to make it easy for them to communicate, especially if they work remotely. At a minimum, management should encourage their teams to talk via a messaging system or at least send emails whenever they have ideas or need help.

The best way for remote teams to collaborate is through the use of video conferencing software that will allow everyone to see each other face-to-face so it is easier to share ideas and discuss strategies as if they were all in the same room. Employees should be encouraged to start a video conference whenever they have a new idea that they want to share. The company should provide webcams if necessary.

Get Your Team Moving

One of the biggest downfalls of our modern workplace is how sedentary it is. So encourage your team to get up and get moving through walking meetings. Instead of getting everyone together in a stuffy conference room to sit together after your employees have already been sitting apart for hours, talk a walk together. Being in nature helps our moods increase and our creativity flow, which makes walking and brainstorming a natural combination. Plus, if your office is in an area with a high walk score, then you can brainstorm while walking to grab coffee together. Or you could find a local park to walk through before picking up that morning scone. You can even encourage small teams to take advantage of your location and the walking meeting by taking short walks, not as breaks, but as strategic team building and idea generating activities.

You should also encourage communication beyond the daily grind. It’s much easier to reach out and ask questions or to take constructive criticism when you have a relationship with your team. Schedule a few team building activities where your team can have fun together while also building their relationships. You can suggest go-kart racing, a nice hike, or even a beer tour to get everyone relaxed and having a good time. But really, there are no limits on what you can do. Choose activities that appeal to your employees, since they’re the focus.

Utilize Technology

You can help your team to collaborate better than ever before by utilizing the technology that dominates our world today. For instance, there are many project management tools that you can use, including Asana, Basecamp,, and others. When you use these programs to manage your projects, you can include all team members. And in addition to having brainstorming sessions, each member can also notate which tasks they have completed so everyone knows what is left to do and they can work together to accomplish those goals.

There are also many online resources available, like online templates that can make work easier and facilitate collaboration. There are several great marketing strategy templates that can make things easier. They allow you to set your strategy and list your goals so you know where you’re going and the steps you need to accomplish to get there. Your team can work together to make those goals a reality.

Reward Collaboration

Once you have some strategies in place that your team can put into use, you should consider a program where you reward collaboration. You could create a reporting system where employees can share the projects that they worked on together and management can publicly congratulate those workers on a job well done. Rewards could also include things like gift cards, time off, and the chance to work on the next big project.

Another way to reward your team is to make it a celebration of sorts when your team works together and succeeds at collaboration. So if your team collaborated on a big project and the results were great for the company, then you might take a group photo and share it on social media so your team has something to be proud of. If you do decide to upload, then consider using an ​​image resizer like the one from Adobe that lets you adjust the size of your photo so it can be easily uploaded on any social media platform.

As you can see, collaboration is very important and there are many ways that you can create an atmosphere of teamwork throughout your organization. Use these tips and your company will rise to new heights.

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