drop servicing step by step

Drop servicing introduction 02 1 drop servicing step by step

Drop servicing is a new monetization method is way back better and is highly profitable considering it does not require you to invest money for starting a business or even care about shipping and skills instead it only require your ability in making advertisement and having internet connection and your personal electronic gadgets good thing about this method you have control of your earning not like affiliate marketing or even drop shipping. In today’s article Tutorial we are going to see tips to know before starting Drop servicing

Drop servicing introduction 02 drop servicing step by step

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Drop servicing Overview

In order to do drop servicing you are required to look for a specific niche and dominate it because it is much like indirect freelancing where you act as a middleman between the actual freelancer and a client. in which you receive receive a job from a client basing on the service that you offer where the client pays you for the service at the price greater than that offered by the freelancer mostly double the price then after receiving the money you order that service to the actual freelancer who offers it at cheap price where he/she works it for you when done you take the output back to the client and Your keep the profit.


Drop servicing overview drop servicing step by step
drop servicing step by step 10

That’s simple no need to have skills but you act as one, cool isn’t ?. i know what you are thinking like how to get started ?, How to get cheap freelancers ?. How to choose the best niche ?. How to get the client to order from you ?.Don’t worry in this article we are going to cover all that so just take your coffee and relax while receiving some tips from us.

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1. Choosing a Drop Servicing Niche

This may sound cheap for you to do but believe in me this it the hardest part of the entire Drop servicing process. but don’t worry i will take you to all the process you need to get started with choosing the best niche for your website.

business niche drop servicing step by step

To get a good niche you are required first to check on the demand of that niche in the market meaning how many people search for such jobs in the internet and major freelancing site such as fiverr.

To know more about that you nee to use tool such as wordtracker.com website. this website offer free word search in major website for 12 keywords.Don’t worry i will leave a link to my other article talking about how to get unlimited usage using word tracker click link below to get started

2. Finding cheap freelancers

This the simplest process to do what you only need is to is visit the major freelance website online and search for available Gigs depending on your niche and compare price from different freelancers from various freelancer site you also need to check on the reviews and average response time to ensure that the job will be done on time.

website freelancer 1 drop servicing step by step
drop servicing step by step 11

Major freelancing sites includes Fiverr, Fourrer and SEO clerks . For information please click the link below to the article showing Best freelancing sites to get started so good luck.

3.How to get Clients to Buy from you

funnel drop servicing step by step

This my vital part also called the heart of all Drop servicing business. For you to get clients you have to create a sales funnel which will help you to collect clients payments and the required works information. if that is the case the you need to have a website mostly WordPress website, a web Hosting, A WordPress plugin called cart flows.

choosing best web Hosting

karol hosting drop servicing step by step

for better website functionality we recommend using Karol Hosting which is the hosting branch introduced by us TronLite Technology which offer fastest website hosting proved to be three time fast than the normal cpanel provided by other host also it is easy to use and user friendly more of that it is insanely cheap and affordable than any web hosting starting from 3 USD per month with 30 days free trial no credit card required. click link below to get started

Get premium cartflows plugin for free

cartflows drop servicing step by step

for you to create a sales funnel you need to have this plugin in premium version to create professional and advanced funnel which can give you more sales than usual. Download the plugin from link below for free in which to unlock the link you have to subscribe and like one video of our YouTube channel and Follow our Instagram page and the link i will allow you to download for free and enjoy premium features

What Next ?

there you go you have established a full business to ensure that you get a lot of client you need to rank on Google searches also to track website and sales funnel visitor for that be sure to use of Tool called XtraSEO link below use coupon code: #makemoneyonlinetutorials2023 to get free acess to the premium plan for The all Year

analytics drop servicing step by step

Also making Facebook ads campaign will help more clients to get in touch with you so fast and make you business generating much profit in short time or hire us for advertising works at www.tronlitetechnology.com

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